A quick background

Faithful Recovery began shortly after I graduated my 12th treatment, in 2017.  After being asked to lead a weekly group at Anderson Jore Counseling, where I had the pleasure of doing my C.D. treatment.  The meeting had prior, only been open to alumni.  I was given free reign with the meeting so we opened it to the public and God gave me a name.  

For several weeks it was myself and one other person, and than there was continued growth. (Numbers do always change depending on the season and the condition of our world ;)

Somewhere in this story, I meet one of my best friends, and I decide for her that she is going to help me lead in this.

Soon we were entrusted to bring this ministry into Grace Bible Chapel, our home church.

So far we meet twice a week, Wednesdays and Sundays.  We have been using zoom for online meetings now until we can resume face to face.  Both meeting are at 7:30 p.m.

We are all in a battle whether we realize it or not.... whether we choose to believe it or not...  the end is written and we are victorious because of he who was raised from the dead..

Our prayer is for you to be set free from all things that hold you captive, and freedom is just a prayer away.  Come as you are!



Open Recovery Community

This recovery community is open to all... Faithful Recovery exists to provide truthful encouragement and godly insight while dealing with trials and troubles.

"The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it..."

                        1Thessalonians 5:24



We are a faith based recovery group.   Open to all.  We come together to overcome different addictions, life struggles, losses, and anything else that may be stealing your joy.  We do this by seeking the truth.  If you are willing God is able.  We have developed trust and respect for one another.  We have built relationships and enjoy hanging out and doing healthy activities together.
Our goal is to share the truth and love of God.   We would love for our group to grow.  Its amazing.... what God can do.


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